A Whisp of what?

Julia Sellman
2 min readFeb 26, 2021


The taste is salty and creamy with just the perfect amount of crunch. But healthy?! Whisps are a truly delicious snack. And they’re low carb, low sugar, high in protein, and gluten free! So what’s the deal with them???

First Impressions of the site…
I typed in whisps.com to learn more and discovered an aesthetically-pleasing white, orange, and yellow homepage. The brand’s packaging and website complement each other nicely. As soon as you get to the site, it immediately asks for your email and birthday to sign up for “new releases and upcoming specials.” This pop up is something I sometimes find bothersome, but from a marketing perspective, a good move on their part to gather consumer information. There is a noticeable SHOP button at the top left corner of the website page that takes you directly to an amazon site where consumers can order products asap. It’s interesting that the products can’t be ordered directly from whisps.com, although amazon is an easy ordering option.

Home Page of the site

A little more cheesy…
I wanted to explore the website a big more, so I went to the “Our Story” tab. There’s a little information about how Whisps came to be and there are clear notes about how 1. The dairy is from four family farms, 2. These snacks are made 100% from cheese, and 3. These snacks are made with “old-world methods.” The site claims that their products are responsibly sourced and free from growth hormones. The site also calls for consumers to get involved and show Whisps how they #cheesetheday. They encourage consumers to get involved on their social media account @Whispssnacks and even have a link to their instagram.

My thoughts…
I think this website is straight-forward, aesthetically-pleasing, and all around solid. The message is clear that these are a great, naturally sourced product that simply taste great! The site includes a fascinating message: it’s possible to eat healthfully and include real foods in your diet without compromising on flavor. And Whisps are the perfect way to do so! It’s clear that these people are passionate about their cheese and their snack product and want you to try them and be a part of the Whisp community. I’m curious to know if they have any vegan snacks on the way to cater to the vegan sector of the health community….would help if they had a help box so I could ask… ;)